Construction of a new gravel plant, Frohnsdorf

2018 – In December 2017, AGS was commissioned by HEIM Kieswerk Nobitz GmbH & Co. KG to construct and produce a new stationary wet screening plant for the sand and gravel extraction plant in Frohnsdorf/Thuringia.

The throughput capacity of the new plant was to be 200 t/h. The products to be manufactured from the raw gravel include the grain sizes 0-2 mm, 2-8 mm, 8-16 mm and 16-32 mm (aggregates for concrete). In addition to the production of concrete aggregates, the material will continue to be used in asphalt production, mortar production and the production of other mixtures in compliance with applicable standards (DIN EN 13139, DIN EN 13285 and TL Gestein-StB). Aggregates larger than 32 mm in diameter must be separated by an integrated pre-screening unit prior to screening.

Preliminary tests on the raw material showed that the gravel had to be wet classified. As a by-product of mineral washing, a high-quality kaolinitic sludge is produced in the used process water. This required cooperation with the supplier of a chamber filter press, Technoidea or its German-speaking representative from Metcam AG.

In addition to the steel and sheet metal construction, all units for the new processing plant, including pipes and electrics, had to be supplied new. Only for the control of the fines – 0.150 mm in the sand fraction was an aquamator already in the company’s inventory used.

All the units for the entire new plant were delivered in July 2018 and assembly could now begin. The topping-out ceremony took place in mid-August. Acceptance took place in October 2018.