Classifying techniques for sand and gravel 


We provide an upstream classifier which causes a uniform classification field with a homogeneous distribution of water over a nozzle plate. We do this on products with high demands  on the grain size distribution such as quartz sand for glass manufacturers, special sands and also construction sands with strict conditions on the particle size distribution and other uses in the mineral beneficiation (separation cuts in the range 0 – 1.0 mm). This allows the starting material to be separated precisely when there are variations in the grain size distribution and feed rate.

With the use of a free fall sizer, desired quality sands are produced. These are produced during the preliminary classification and targeted mixing. It is at this point in processing the customer achieves high-quality products according to the guidelines of grading curves. Due to a freely programmable control, the systems can be adapted to specific customer types and standards.

Also cyclones are used in the classification of sand and gravel. The classifying techniques are used primarily in quarries, sand and gravel pits. These are used to produce special grades and various sands for glassmaking, foundry, construction and chemical industries.

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