Welcome to the AGS Anlagen + Verfahren GmbH

Plant engineering for wet mechanical processing

Willkommen bei AGS

AGS Anlagen + Verfahren GmbH is a specialist in solving the most difficult wet mechanical processing problems for raw materials and residues in the international and national stone, earth and chemical industries. We provide custom made machines for sorting industrial waste, slag, electrical, street sweepings, gravel, quartz and construction sand as well as ores and minerals. As an expert in plant engineering we offer system solutions for optimum decortications and decarburizations of construction sand. We respect the latest technical requirements.

We have sorting machines for recycling and residual waste recovery. Based on many years of experience and expertise in the field of development and construction of special machines, our clients receive an individual system, which sorts their raw material and waste in an optimal way and minimizes additional costs such as energy and landfill costs. With expertise and creativity we have developed a concept for our customers and provide our clients with partial or complete systems. As a cost-effective alternative we use second-hand and well prepared sorting systems. AGS Anlagen + Verfahren GmbH also handles the maintenance of wet mechanical sorting systems.

Competence has a name – The AGS Anlagen + Verfahren GmbH!

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Processing Sand/Gravel

Sand and gravel processing systems for the building materials industry

Sand- und Kies-Aufbereitung

The ever-changing conditions in the building material industry and the specific requirements of sand and gravel storage locations demand flexible processing methods and systems. Gravel and sand are raw materials that occur in contaminated and unwished compositions as well as in the recycling of building materials or in industrial by products. The preparation of gravel and sand is based on its aggregate. The round graining, the form of broken rock particles, are treated in accordance with inter alia by means of an upstream classifier cyclone and a setting machine for building applications depending on the location. This is the result after processing an ideal building material for concrete road construction or other applications. In addition to the allocation of the aggregate in the various faction groups, the machines have to adapt themselves to the specifics of the sand and gravel deposits. For this AGS Anlagen + Verfahren GmbH provides successful results through the combination of proven new technologies for perfect material separation and accurate fractioning.

Lead by experience!

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Processing Residues

Treatment of residual and waste materials for optimal resource recovery

Aufbereitung Reststoffe

AGS Anlagen + Verfahren GmbH creates sorting machines for economic processing of residual and waste materials with the aim of resource recovery or minimization of landfill costs.

AGS has the latest knowledge and equipment in the fields of mineral processing in the recycling industry and landfill activities. This especially includes commercial waste in the infrastructure of waste generated by street-cleaning, road-cleaning and cleaning in public areas. Depending on the season all this includes packaging waste, de-icing, crushed stone, fuel, hardwood and mineral fractions in different concentrations.

Due to the fluctuating pollutant concentrations, the processing of the street sweepings requires high quality and reliable technologies to be up to the current environmental and landfill regulations.

Pushing Innovation!

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System Components

System components and implementation of wet mechanical sorting technology


AGS Anlagen + Verfahren GmbH achieves first-class results through the use of innovative systems, engineering and process development. In particular, in the field of environmental technology, which serves the receipt or restoration of ecosystems, we recommend the use of sophisticated equipment technology. Like this, waste is turned into marketable products which are up to environmental and economic requirements.

In this case, we refer to our years of experience and extensive references in the implementation of existing complete systems with simultaneous modernization of individual process steps, particularly in the area of soil washing and residue processing. And for this we manufacture individual environmentally friendly technologies.

What counts are perfect results!

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