Sorting technology for product-improvement


For the separation of light materials and for the consistent product quality in the areas of ore and mineral sorting, coal preparation, decarburization of construction sand, soil remediation and in the treatment of wastes and residues, we use mainly sorting technology according to the principle of density sorting.

Common sorting technologies are jigs. The materials are sorted to their density. In this process, water flows periodically through the jigs and become a sorted output product. Due to the different settling velocities of the particles within the mineral mixture, the heavier materials fall faster. The lighter materials can be removed above. Jigs work more effectively in coal preparation.

Some sorting techniques include the spiral separator which sorts different substances with a centrifugal flow in a spiral groove. Lighter materials are pressed outwardly, while heavier strands on the inner channel fall to the bottom.

Another sorting machine is the upstream classifier. Water is distributed uniformly over a nozzle plate so a homogeneous fluidized bed is formed. The light particles are separated by an overflow from the material. By this method a clean sorting of fine-grained materials is taking place, which applies particularly in the decarburation of sand and in the processing of ores. The cyclones are a process of engineering, which is used in the separation of fine-grained minerals. With high speed motion the material mixture is filled into a cone-shaped hollow body. The spiral motion carries the major products against the wall and afterwards to the cone tip. Smaller particles rise alongside the cone axis and rise, which is where they are removed.

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