Triple A – Cost wet processing separating difficult raw materials

Triple A Setzmaschine

AGS Anlagen + Verfahren’s  Triple A embodies a new generation of jigs which creates a throughput capacity up to 25 t/h by low investment and operating costs.

The bulk material with grain sizes of 0-12 mm (35mm max.) is flowed through by pulsating water. The material stratifies according to its specific gravity in this process. The heavy particles accumulate in the lower layers, the lighter components on the surface. The stroke frequency and the amplitude of the reset pulse are adjustable depending on the characteristics of the feed material. A float-scan on the layered material separates raw residual materials from different density levels. The heavy cargo is continuously withdrawn through a cellular wheel sluice after sorting. The electronic discharge control adapts itself automatically to the task variations.

The AGS Triple A is used in the wet mechanical sorting of residues, industrial waste, electronic waste, street sweepings, slag, ores, minerals, sand and gravel.

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